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Annie Baig is more than a Realtor®, she is your friend and neighbor, dedicated to help you find the perfect place you can call home. Her business model is driven by harvesting and developing long-lasting relationships with her clients.

She leverages a diverse team of real estate specialists to provide customized and complex financial strategies to meet her client’s real estate goals of buying their dream home, first vacation, investment, or commercial properties. Annie brings a unique perspective to real estate through her understanding of both western lifestyles and eastern cultures. Her keen interest in real estate, in-depth knowledge of the local and regional market values and trends, and her background in the latest technologies give her an edge over her peers. Her friendly demeanor and good interpersonal skills act as a magnet for her business. She is always progressive in her approach towards marketing and abreast in the latest technology.  

Providing the highest level of service to clients is her biggest accomplishment. She offers integrity, a disciplined approach, and commitment to your goals. Her engineering background makes her an excellent asset to your team.

Annie completed her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from JB Speed School of Engineering at Louisville, KY. She has led successful projects at Boeing and Lockheed Martin. She lives a very busy and active life with her husband and three beautiful daughters in the East Bay. As a busy professional and a mom of three, Annie understands that a home needs to work for you, not the other way around. Your home is where you come back to at the end of a hectic day looking for harmony and peace. Let’s find a house that does just that for you and works for your family. 

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As a busy professional, a wife and a mom of three, Annie understands that your home needs to work for you, not the other way around. So, let’s find a house that does exactly that.

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